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Northotics is a design and production service that specialises in the field of 3D manufactured orthotics, prosthetics and pressure management systems. Our innovative range of products and services enable you and your global customers consistently achieve clinically outstanding results from the heart of Scandinavia.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your clients access innovative designs and state of the art manufacture in medical orthoses and prostheses.

Welcome to our quality handcrafted solutions.

Northotics focus on the design and manufacture of orthoses.

Using state of the art 3D design and manufacturing ingenuity

Balancing turnaround demands with nordic quality and service

Consistently finding new ways to re-use the materials we employ

Digital Solutions

to boost your clinical success

Northotics employs cutting edge process and technologies in the production of all digitally manufactured custom products. Combining 3D scanning and production technologies with Scandinavian quality and craftsmanship, we are able to bring you quality products, consistent and accurately. 

Make an appointment today to chat with one of our clinical mentors and access our range of quality products and tailored services to augment your clinical success, today.

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Our Team

Passionate arctic mountaineers, skiers, and snowboarders, bringing awareness about the environment we live and work in. We have structured our little business to consider the global impact of what we do, and strive to maintain quality, renewable use of materials and minimal wastage.

We also have a cheeky dog named Jack, who likes catching the rain and stealing biscuits.

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