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Northotics is a Scandinavian based team of medical design specialists and health professionals that focus on the design, manufacture and delivery of medical grade orthoses to professionals globally.

What's in a Name?

Orthotics is the medical specialty that focuses on the design and application of orthoses.


Orthoses (singular orthosis) are externally applied devices used to modify (and often improve) the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system. Typically seen as custom designed and manufactured braces or platforms (insoles), orthoses help coordinate the non-destructive, pain free movement of the human body while in motion.


The word “orthotic” is an adjective and is used to modify another word, as in “orthotic specialist”, “orthotic device” or “orthotic therapy”.

The word “orthosis” (plural is “orthoses”) is a noun so it can stand alone or it may have a modifier before it, such as “a foot orthosis” or “bilateral wrist orthoses”

Commonly used terms:

  • An orthosis is an external device that either prevents, assists or improves a desired movement in the human body.
  • An orthotic process is the sequence of designing an orthosis to support, straighten or improve the functioning of a body part or parts.
  • An orthotic therapy is the use of orthoses to produce positive therapeutic results, often in conjunction with many other physical therapies.
  • An orthotic device is the term used to describe a single instance of an item that lives within the grouping of orthotic devices. i.e. an apple is a piece of fruit that lies within the fruit family, just as a knee orthosis is an orthotic device that lives within the orthotic devices family. 
  • A prosthetic device is used to replace a limb entirely.

Northotics provide orthotic services in the design, manufacture and supply of medical orthoses.


(field of medical speciality to prevent / support / align / improve function of the human musculoskeletal system)

Foot Orthoses

(are orthotic devices)

Knee Orthoses

(are orthotic devices)

Wrist Orthoses

(are orthotic devices)

Arm Orthoses

(are orthotic devices)


scandinavian design
Use the field of orthotics to design, manufacture and supply many types of orthotic devices [orthoses] for use in orthotic therapies.